How To Create WhatsApp Link For My Number?

Imam Uddin imamuddinwp
2 min readApr 6, 2024

WhatsApp Link is the most popular way of your online business promotion. Nowadays customers feel free to contact with service provider via WhatsApp chat.


To generate sales from Digital Marketing, we always recommended to have a WhatsApp Link to your phone number. It makes it easier for your potential to reach out to you. By simply clicking on the link, they can initiate a conversation without the need to manually add your number to their contacts.

To create a WhatsApp link for chat, you can use the following format:<phone_number>

It’s an international format.

Replace <phone_number> with your phone number, including the country code but don't include any leading zeroes, brackets, or dashes.

For example, if the phone number is +1234567890, the link would be:

Users clicking on this link will be directed to a WhatsApp chat with the provided phone number.

For more clear understanding, here we have mentioned the international format of Create WhatsApp Link For Chat accordingly:

That’s it. You have successfully been able to Create a WhatsApp Link For Chat.

Free WhatsApp Link Generator is a Free Online Tool for all that allows you to Create WhatsApp Link For Your Number free of cost. It’s a Short WhatsApp Link Generator.

Create a WhatsApp Link For the Website

There are many ways to Create a WhatsApp Link For a Website.


Here we have mentioned the Top 3 Smart Ways To Create WhatsApp Link For Websites:

If you face any problems creating a WhatsApp Link For the Website, let us know, please.

Full Guidelines are here: