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Hey there! Today I will discuss Technical SEO along with the importance of Technical SEO; So let’s start.

What Is Technical SEO?

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines with the goal of improved organic rankings. Important elements of Technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.

It was most important for shopify website speed optimization; Thanx

What is Google’s digital garage?

The Digital Garage is a non-profit nationwide program from Google delivering free digital skills training via an online learning platform. This platform provides individuals with a tailored training plan to learn digital skills, completely for free.

Digital Marketing Certification; Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp
Digital Marketing Certification; Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp
Digital Marketing Certification; Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp

Is the Google Digital Garage certification useful for a job?

Google Digital Garage is aimed at educating beginners about digital marketing. For this reason, it covers the basic overview, not the advanced level knowledge. Having a Digital Garage certificate won’t help you much in getting a job, but it will definitely help you get more confidence in what you know.

What is shogun in Shopify?

Shogun is a drag and drops page builder for eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Build beautiful custom pages for your store.


Shogun is an app (A powerful drag + drop editor is just the beginning) that allows you to create attractive, custom-built pages in Shopify. You can use it with any Shopify theme, and it’s built to be simple and easy-to-use.

Hey there; It’s me! Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp; A passionate Front-End Developer & SEO Expert. I’m always keen to learn new technology & innovative creations. I’m familiar with the search engine by imamuddinwp or simply Imam Uddin. To see my online presence/activity, just do google with ‘imamuddinwp’. Here I will try to cover some important topics about SEO Friendly Responsive Portfolio Website. Let me start…

Responsive Web Design; Portfolio Design; imamuddinwp
Responsive Web Design; Portfolio Design; imamuddinwp
Responsive Web Design; Portfolio Design; imamuddinwp

What Is Portfolio?

A portfolio site is an extension of a professional freelancer’s (or company’s) résumé. …

Hey there; it’s me! 🤠 Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp. Here is another Shopify Store Design based on Debutify; Debutify™ — The Highest Converting Shopify Theme.


Shopify Store Design — Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp

At A Glance:
Project Name : BLACKMAN
Password to see live:
Project URL :
Theme Name :
Theme URI :
Customized by : Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp.
Used App:
Products Listing from :
Ali Express

Hey there!!! Today I will answer some questions that are always asked in popular search engines. But the main question is “ How To Host A Website In Github?”

How To Host Your Website For Free on GitHub Pages

Let’s See Live Of The Published Project here:

Rest all other questions are:

“GitHub pages personal website”
“How to publish a website on Github”
“host website on Github custom domain”
“GitHub pages examples”
“Github io website template”
“How to use GitHub pages”
“GitHub website template”

Let see about all steps to Publish your website for free from GitHub:

Hey there, it’s me! Imam Uddin, also known as ‘imamuddinwp’ by google & other search engines. Here I have published a vCard on about details of mine.

Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp, vcard
Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp, vcard
Imam Uddin | imamuddinwp | vCard

It’s just a simple vCard of Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp. To see it live: Imam Uddin | vCard

Hey beautiful people! How are you? Today I will talk about my new portfolio. It’s a html5, css3 & javascript based simple portfolio template. I have also published it on GitHub.

Imam Uddin, imamuddinwp; portfolio template

What is a portfolio and what is it used for?

In general, A portfolio is a flat case used for carrying loose sheets of paper or a combination of investments or samples of completed works. An example of a portfolio is a briefcase. An example of a portfolio is an individual’s various investments. An example of a portfolio is an artist’s display of past works.

On the other way, A portfolio is a compilation of materials that exemplifies your…

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